Domain and Hosting

What is a Domain Name....

When you dial a number on your phone, we can say its similar to what your browser does when you type a web address on your browser. Your browser users uniform resource locator (URL) – an address identifying where the location of documents (Webpage or Email) online to find the page/information you have requested for.

The web address you type in your browser to locate this type of information is called a domain name and belongs to a system called Domain Name System (DNS)

Just like your phone, the Domain Name System (DNS) users a unique string of numbers called IP(Internet Protocol) to locate your intended web page/Email or other DNS related resource online. The Primary work of the DNS, therefore, is to translate this unique string of numbers (IP’s) into human readable URL to humans and machine readable IP’s to machines.

Parts of a Domain

A domain name consists of 3 parts, e.g
  1. The www (refers to the world wide web)
  2. google which is the Human memorable name for a domain, website or service in that domain
  3. com is the domain extension referred to as Generic top-level domain (gTLD). However we do have other variations like ccTLD (country code top-level domain) for specific countries, e.g .us for USA for UK, .ug for Uganda etc.

Please see a more detailed list of gTLD and ccTLD here.

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After you register your Domain, there are several things you can do with your new found INTERNET identity.

1. Create a Custom Email Address

If you got this far registering a domain means you already have an email address, probably Gmail, yahoo or those other free email services. With your new registered domain, you can now be able to create a customized Email address at etc, for example,
This changes the perception of your clients as a more professional business, as they will take you more seriously when you communicate via your customized business email than the free Email services.

Your new found Email have to reside somewhere online, some server online with a given amount of Hard Disk Space. This space online is what we call Hosting.

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2. Design a Website

You now need people to find what your business does online. However designing a website sometimes is time-consuming and requires in most cases you setup a proper substantial budget to get the latest trending Technological Trends, due to that we have developed various website packages for you to make sure you get online as soon as possible.

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3. Redirect to your Social Media Sites

It’s very easy to set up a Facebook to Twitter Page, for more on how to create a Facebook Business Page the right way, kindly see details here. For Tweeter kindly check out this video tutorial too.

After you have setup either of this pages, you now redirect your domain to this services e.g as you design your website. Your Clients will see what you’re up to, your current contacts, and even your office location.

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