Crystal Innovative

We offer Various solutions to safeguard your data

Anti-Virus Solutions

We deploy centralized managed Antivirus solutions to help prevent computer or network intrusions.

Network Monitoring

We install and monitor Hardware/Software to identify and analyze your network for vulnerabilities and intruders.

Wireless Security

we configure your wireless for best use case and best security practices for wifi, with guest access, DMZ etc

Cloud Management

For better scalability and operation efficiency, we help transfer your data or applications online.

Disaster preparedness

Planning for IT hardware and software downtime, theft, loss or breakdown. Plan for online and offline backups. Make sure your company is ready for most eventualities.


Virtualization technology gives your company the advantage of saving time and money and have a shorter server deployment cycle than regular hardware and software. Gives you great flexibility for server backups, cloning and creating test environments.