Network Setups

We offer a flexible approach to IT network support and installation network design our team will help you find the best possible cost effective way to cover your building by cable/fiber or wireless.  Our networks are also open to integrate with emerging technologies without costing a fortune.


If you have an existing network, we carry out a network analysis of your current systems to determine how we can increase reliability and performance.

If its a new network setup, we draw out network designs according to your budget and put them in phases for implementation and setup.

By setting up a structured Network, it helps you protect your data, reduce cost as you know exactly what you need to buy and you eventually have increased productivity and efficiency in your system as speeds and network communication will be at per with industry highest standards.

 Our Network Capabilities

  • Free Initial assessment of project requirement taking note of any future expansion.
  • Free Site survey and Consultation
  • Free Submission of detailed proposal and quotation

Below are some of the factors that determine how we design your network.

  • Client request
  • Internet Connection Requirements and future requirements for internet
  • Unified communications support e.g. voip
  • WAN and WIFI Requirements
  • Security requirements
  • Point to Point or Multipoint connections requirements
  • Cloud computing Requirements e.g. for Backup and other SAAS Services
  • Any major use of the Network, e.g. Softwares or Data to be passed along the Network
  • Network architecture and performance
  • POE or Non POE Requirements
  • Review of current network infrastructure
  • Network components Required
  • Impact of virtualization

To setup your network effectively we follow the following guidelines

  • Standards and maintenance
  • Complexity of the network to be inline with clients expertise
  • 10Gbps, 1Gbps, 100Mbps Network
  • POE or Non POE Requirements
  • Redundancy