One Page Website

Rather than planning your site on numerous pages, a single page website directs the user to scroll through a single page with the traditional menu on top or sides changing as they move down the page. There other effects that can be added to make the websites look great, like parallax effects (Parallax scrolling is a technique in web development/design where the background images move as you scroll down or up a page slower than the foreground images, creating an illusion of depth)

There are many reasons why we design One-page websites for our Clients, below are a few.

Although Content is King, in some businesses a lot of content in your website is not practical. With one page website you can be brief and to the point, you don’t have to write long paragraphs to make your point.

You are able to direct guest to the most important points you want to make on the website as content flows the way you want down the page. That way your clients will never miss anything. That is why One-page website are used for sales landing pages and they are very effective, imagine what that will do for your business.

The latest trends show that there are more web users using mobile devices to access INTERNET. You therefore need to optimize your website to be better viewed on Mobile devices. A one-page website is to the point and great for mobile users, they only scroll up and down one page saving time and bandwidth.

Statistics show 55% of Visitors Spend Fewer than 15 Seconds on a given Website, your need to harness those seconds to get business, let’s face it, navigating a website with a lot of pages can sometimes make a guest loose focus and leave the website without engaging you.
By giving your services and products well laid out on a single page like a summary of all you are and do and how to contact you, and then ask them to leave their details before leaving your website will help you capture interest and help you go after very prospective business. It can be done with regular websites too but better with one-page design as they don’t take so long to understand what you are about.

One Page Web Design Package