Responsive Web Design

The practice of creating flexible layouts, images and an advance use of CSS media queries to create a website that responds and changes behavior to give the user the best possible view based on screen size without compromising on design and screen readability is called Responsive Web Design (RWD).

So Why Should You have a Responsive Design for your Website?

In business internet is mostly consumed using Laptops or Desktop, however let’s face it not everyone has a desktop or Laptop, but smart phones and tablets have become very popular and almost everyone owns one. Which means if your website is not designed to be viewed properly on various mobile devices, then you are missing a lot of business.

Some real reason why you need to take Responsive Web Design for your website very seriously.

Better Browsing Experience

Responsive Website means, no pinching and zooming to view content better, images resize easily you just scroll down as you go through the website. It also reduces the rate at which a user comes and goes from your website because they can easily navigate your website.

Future Proof

A responsive website is fluid and ready to adapt to any new technologies that will use standard web browsers, therefore future proofing your business for upcoming technologies.

Google Prefers a Responsive Website

Google has the largest search market share, anything they say goes. A Responsive Website has one single URL for Desktop, laptops, smartphones,tables which makes it easier for their search bots to crawl your website and present it on their search.

Such content is also easy to share or interact with as its coming from the same website.

Multiply versions of the same website might be considered duplicate content and might attract a penalty which means bad rank on their search engine.

Overall its also easier for you to manage a single website than several versions as you have to do separate SEO optimizations on separate sites.

Many companies have mobile apps instead of Responsive website, this is not considered a very good thing by google ranking although its okey for users.

Let us help you reach the 60% + of mobile internet users by designing for you a website that is by design dynamic for all types of internet devices.

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